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Your Partners in Financial Success.

Deanna Rindal Photo

Deanna Rindal

In Loving Memory (1963-2019)
Bryan Rindal Photo

Bryan Rindal

B. Comm, CFP

Financial Planner - Manulife Securities Incorporated,
Life Insurance Agent - BTR Financial Planning Inc

[email protected]

Bryan has been in the financial planning industry since 1986 and has extensive knowledge in tax planning and pension transfers. In 2009, he became one of the first Chartered Financial Divorce Specialists (CFDS) in Saskatchewan and is a member of a collaborative group of professionals guiding clients through the divorce process.

"Insurance and Financial Planning services - only offered from Bryan Rindal."

Preston Rindal Photo

Preston Rindal

B. Comm

Financial Advisor - Manulife Securities Incorporated/BTR Financial Planning  

[email protected]

 Preston joined the BTR Financial Planning Team in October, 2017. He brings a new generation of knowledge of the financial industry including the stock market.

Gloria Garand Photo

Gloria Garand

ADMINISTRATIVE Assistant - Manulife Securities Incorporated/BTR Financial Planning

[email protected]

Gloria has been a member of the BTR Financial Planning Team since 2008. Her professional background is in the banking and general insurance industry.
Gloria is looking forward to retirement May, 2021

Candice Krip Photo

Candice Krip

Administrative Assistant - Manulife Securities Incorporated/BTR Financial Planning

[email protected]

Candice joined the BTR Financial Planning Team in March, 2019 and is the first person you see when you enter the office.

Saron Kulczycki Photo

Saron Kulczycki


[email protected] 

Saron joined our team in December, 2020. She will take over Gloria's position when she retires.